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My name is Evelyn Pitillo. I am shy and quiet. I am from Guatemala. My major is criminal justice. I study at bmcc. I have been in college for two years. My goal in attending college is to graduate on time. My three goals are passing my classes, take credits class and graduate from college early. My strengths start college are to keep trying. I have taken three courses in college. The challenge I am across in school is trying to pass the exam. I get some support for my school work from my parents. Some strategies I use to overcome difficulties in my studies are not given up and keep trying. I inspire myself to do my best in life by keeping going no matter what the problem is. My experience in writing course is not good because is hard to pass exams and I not good of writing. The encouraging experience I had to make to be successful in college is to keep going. I use technology to make connections at college for my homework. I do think education will make a big impact on my family because I am the first person to go toward a college degree.

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