Project: Caribbean Women’s Migration Project

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Caribbean Women’s Migration Project
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This project will promote collaboration and exchange between students of Dr. Valens’ ENL 253 Multiethnic American Literature and students in Dr. Everson’s ENGL 410 Caribbean Women Writers course. The project activities will focus on a key text, the novel, Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid in the context of Caribbean and Caribbean American literature, especially by women writers. Students from both classes will read and interpret sections of Lucy to build writing and research skills, examine the relationship between place and identity as expressed in the literature of a Caribbean writer, in particular, the themes of migration/exile and home/belongingness as it relates to migration to/settlement in the USA. Students from both classes will also read and present on the work of other Caribbean American women writers to build research and presentation skills, comprehend the scope and range of Caribbean American women’s writing, and demonstrate the ability to analyze a range of genres and a range of treatments of the relationship between place and identity as expressed by Caribbean American women writers.

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